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Established in 1872, the Essendon Cricket Club is based in Melbourne's northwest and competes in the Victorian Premier Cricket competition.


Every year, Essendon Cricket Club honors excellence, tradition, and the enduring spirit of the club by recognising outstanding players in three distinguished categories. 


The Mick Mitchell Award commemorates Mick Mitchell, a revered player, and is highly regarded within the club. Voted on by players across all Senior teams, it signifies a player's value and contributions. The FW Morley Award, named after dedicated Team Manager Fred Morley, honors players from lower XIs who excel, while the Ian Monks Award recognises outstanding junior talent across all grades, inspired by the remarkable career of Ian Monks at Essendon.


At Essendon Cricket Club, life members hold a revered status, embodying the club's rich history, values, and enduring legacy. They provide invaluable guidance, leadership, and inspiration to players, officials, and supporters alike. Essendon Cricket Club's life members represent the essence of commitment, passion, and camaraderie, serving as beacons of tradition and excellence. Their presence fosters a sense of pride and belonging, uniting generations of cricketers under the club's banner. With their wisdom and experience, they play a vital role in shaping the club's culture and ensuring its continued prosperity for years to come.


Essendon Cricket Club's rich tapestry of records spans premier championships, team triumphs, and individual prowess. From historic premierships to dominant club championships, the records echo the club's enduring legacy of success. Batting records showcase remarkable innings, while partnership records celebrate synergy on the pitch. Bowling feats highlight exceptional performances, while wicket-keeping records recognise agile glovework. Additionally, Essendon proudly boasts players who have donned the prestigious Australian and Victorian colors, cementing its reputation as a breeding ground for top-tier talent. These records serve as pillars of inspiration, guiding current and future generations toward excellence and perpetuating the club's storied tradition of achievement.

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