1977/78 G Body

1978/79 G Ross

1979/80 S Booth

1980/81 G Webb

1981/82 J Mulligan

1982/83 A McLean

1983/84 S O’Donnell

1984/85 M Leehane

1985/86 D Scott

1986/87 P Young

1987/88 S Porteous

1988/89 M Leehane

1989/90 M Drain

1990/91 P McIntyre/M McCarty

1991/92 G Cull

1992/93 P Young

1993/94 M Drain

1994/95 C Sheedy

1995/96 A Kellet

1996/97 C Berger

1997/98 A Kellett

1998/99 M Ainsworth

1999/00 C Berger

2000/01 C McKinley

2001/02 S Windridge

2002/03 J Hutchinson

2003/04 C Berger

2004/05 M Inness

2005/06 D Slevison

2006/07 C Berger

2007/08 L Wilson

2008/09 P Gloury

2009/10 C Berger

2010/11 A Young

2011/12 L Cameron

2012/13 S Mire

2013/14 M Doric

2014/15 R Hekure

2015/2016 M Doric

2016/2017 L Molloy

2017/2018 J Seymour

2018/2019 J Seymour


2020/2021J Seymour

Mick Mitchell Award 

The Mick Mitchell Trophy

is the club's most celebrated award. The trophy was struck in 1976/77, following the death of Mick, one of the clubs most popular  players - Player no.303,debut1959/60,103 1st XI games. The award is voted on by players from all 4 XIs and can be awarded to any player across all 4 Senior teams .It is a very popular award and celebrated as a measure of a player's worth to the club. The Mitchell family still attend the presentation of the Award each year.


The 2020/2021

Mick Mitchell Trophy

was awarded to

James Seymour.

FW Morley Award

The Fred Morley Award is named after much loved Team Manager Fred, who dedicated himself to the 3rds & 4ths at Cross Keys Reserve.

The award goes to the player from the lower XI's who scores the most votes in the Mick Mitchell Award.


1995/96    S.Tonkin

1996/97    B.Fletcher

1997/98    J.Hay

1998/99    T Brannagan

1999/00    S.Marcy

2000/01    C.Becker

2001/02    S Windbridge

2002/03    M.Petricola

2003/04    B.Jones

2004/05    S..Windbridge

2006/07    T.Stephens

2007/08     L.Wilson

2008/09     Z.Hussain

2009/10     S.Rixon

2010/11     A.Young

2011/12     D.Tate

2012/13     S.Goodluck

2013/14     A.Pisani

2014/15     R.Hukere

2015/16     L.Camuncoli

2016/17     J.Ford

2017/18    S.Philips-Williams & J.Deasy

2018/19    Jesse King

2020/2021 Oscar Gordon


Ian Monks Award

The Ian Monks Trophy is awarded to the Most Outstanding Junior Player in any is named after Ian Monks who played for Essendon from1949/50 to 1968/69.Ian played 214 matches, scoring 5,880 runs, with 4 centuries and 28 half centuries. He was awarded Club Champion in1957/58 and 1961/62.He captained the Bombers to their first Premiership in 1963/64.Ian also played 30 games for VFL teams Essendon and South Melbourne.


The 2019/20 Ian Monks Trophy

was awarded to

 James O'Donnell


The HA Nunn Award was struck in 1992 after the death of Life Member Harry Nunn. Harry was considered one of the most influential club men at the Essendon Cricket Club of all time.He was Committee Chairman, First XI player from 1946-1960 and Club Captain for 8 seasons.The trophy is awarded to a person who given exceptional service to the club.

The 2020/21  HA Nunn Trophy was awarded to Administration Manager Jenny Tobin