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Liam Molloy discusses his ambitions as Essendon’s new Premier Cricket captain

Liam Molloy
Liam Molloy

Liam Molloy has been appointed as Essendon's new Premier Cricket captain, succeeding James Seymour. Molloy, who has previously filled in for Seymour over the past two seasons, will officially take on the role full-time in the 2024-25 season. He joins a prestigious list of former club captains, including notable names like Clint McKay, Aaron Ayre, Michael Hill, and James Seymour.

Molloy is enthusiastic about the opportunity to shape the future of the Bombers, particularly focusing on developing young talent. He aims to foster growth and development among the club's promising players, which he believes will set up the club for long-term success. Molloy's recent performance includes scoring 277 runs at an average of 23.08 and taking 10 wickets in 17 matches.

In addition to his cricket achievements, Molloy has a background in football, having been named to the Essendon District Division 2 Team of the Year in 2022 before shifting his focus to cricket leadership after a stint playing in the UK. His experience as a football captain has influenced his approach to cricket captaincy, emphasising the importance of confidence, positivity, and clear communication within the team.

Essendon has also made strategic moves to strengthen the squad, bringing in Josh Trembearth from St Kilda and promoting Will Dundon from Coburg. Molloy will work alongside coach Ben Fletcher, who has had a significant positive impact since joining the club. Additionally, former Victoria paceman Louis Cameron has returned to Essendon as an assistant coach, providing valuable experience and support.


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